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Ozer Wireless Quick Stencil Printer

Ozer Wireless Quick Stencil Printer

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Print resolution: 203PDI


• Print Resolution: 203 DPI
• Effective Printing Width: 216 mm
• Printing Speed: 13-15 mm/s
• Print Density: Thick, Moderate, Light
• Transfer Paper Width: 216 mm
• Operating System: iOS/Android
• Connection Method: Bluetooth 4.2/Type-C
• Print Head Life: 50 km
• Power Supply Mode: Built-in Lithium Battery
• Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
• Product Weight (Bare Metal): 915 g
• Single Package Weight: 1000 g
• Product Size (Bare Metal): 3206841 mm
• Single Package Size: 35511082 mm


Introducing the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer: Enhance Your Tattoo Stencil Experience!

Experience unparalleled precision with the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer, featuring advanced thermal plate heat distribution technology for optimal application across every inch of the stencil paper. Say goodbye to smudged or distorted stencils and hello to crisp, detailed outlines.

Eliminate the need for manual image mirroring with the innovative automatic function of the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer. Save time and effort as the printer intelligently flips your design horizontally, allowing you to create flawless stencils effortlessly.

Streamline your workflow with the precision automated paper feed mechanism of the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer. Forget about manual feeding—just load your stencil paper, and the printer takes care of the rest, ensuring smooth and seamless stencil printing.



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