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Strong Pillow Cases ( Black ) 20

    Strong Pillow Cases ( Black ) 20"x30"


    Disposable Black Pillow Cases 

    - Size: 20"x30"

    - Color: Black

    Crafted with an absorbent non-woven tissue layer and a waterproof plastic backing, these drape sheets excel in absorbing fluids around your work station, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment that is effortlessly cleanable.

    Made with a  robust combination of protective poly and absorbent materials.

    Key Features:

    • Disposable drape sheets serve as absorbent and protective barriers for your surfaces
    • Each sheet features 1 layer of non-woven material and a layer of PE film (waterproof)
    • Non-woven material efficiently absorbs fluids, while the poly layer provides protection and strength
    • Ideal for safeguarding equipment for tattoo artists.