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Tuff tube Cartridge Grip 35mm 15/Box - Twist Fit

Tuff tube Cartridge Grip 35mm 15/Box - Twist Fit

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Tuff Tube Adjustable Disposable Cartridge Grips


Latest disposable cartridge grips have undergone a complete transformation, making them better than ever. If you're seeking top-quality single-use cartridge grips, you won't find a superior option on the market.

  • Improved comfort by implementing a 35mm grip, catering to a wider range of hand sizes. The ergonomic shape of these grips is designed to alleviate hand fatigue during extended sessions, ultimately promoting better hand and wrist health over time.

  • GGS paid meticulous attention to detail in crafting the internal click mechanism, ensuring a positive adjustment that remains secure and stable throughout the entire tattooing process. Say goodbye to any wiggles or accidental adjustments on the fly. These grips provide an exceptional tattooing experience.

  • Tuff Tube cartridge grips come in both standard back stem and twist-on back stems, making them a direct fit for most twist-on applications on popular tattoo machine brands like Inkjecta, Cheyenne, and Spectra. While GGS can't guarantee compatibility with all machines, their own testing has shown that they fit almost all.

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