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Good Biodegradable Ink Caps ( PLA )

Good Biodegradable Ink Caps ( PLA )

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The Good Bio Ink Caps

Eco-friendly and biodegradable disposable ink caps. Responsibly made from natural wheat straw fibre and PLA.

Good Guy Supply has taken special consideration in every effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our Good Bio Ink Caps. We are on a mission to reduce plastic use in tattooing as much as possible, wherever and whenever we can.

The strong thin wall construction dramatically reduces the use of raw material in production as well as the physical weight of the Good Bio Ink Caps, reducing fuel costs in shipping. We have successfully cut the raw materials usage by nearly 50% in the design of the Good Bio Ink Caps.

Every aspect has been reduced, right down to the thin wall boxes used to ship them. The Good Bio Ink Caps are packaged in one convenient box size that is thoughtfully measured to reduce weight and shipping metrics. A lower carbon footprint and more value for you!

Additionally, the reduction in total raw material helps these ink caps and packaging break down substantially faster once they reach the landfill. Please do recycle the box ? Responsibly printed with eco inks on recycled paper stock.

Our rigid PLA + wheat straw biodegradable ink caps are an excellent substitute to our paper biodegradable option, designed specifically for artists who prefer a rigid, not tipping, durable ink cap and want to reduce their impact on the environment.


Our Bio ink caps are packaged by weight in four convenient sizes;

SMALL 10mm (1000pc)
MEDIUM 15mm (300pc)
LARGE 18mm (200pc)
XX-LARGE 28mm (80pc)


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