We built Good Guy Supply's foundation with one perfect flagship product, needles. We seriously pride ourselves on the quality and value of our needles. Tattooing is our passion; we use our needles every day, just like you do. 

     Our needle line has its roots in our founder's needle-making days. We carefully and thoughtfully craft the highest quality tattooing needles we can create. We obsessively consider everything from the needle grind, taper length, tightness and solder length. You can enjoy high-quality, super-consistent needles from tattooers who truly care, just like you.

     GGS standard long taper and medium taper needles are made from #12 ( 0.35mm ) 304 stainless wire. This harder wire stock produces a superior, longer-lasting, sharper needle. The high polish finish to the taper provides needles with lower skin trauma, resulting in quicker healing times. 

     GGS textured needles are identical to our polished standard needle; they feature the same #12 ( 0.35mm ) stock. Instead of being highly polished, the pins retain some of the texture from the taper grinding process. Texture makes a far more aggressive needle grouping that is perfectly suited for powder pigments and thicker inks, as they tend to carry a heavier ink load with each penetration. Textured needles are best suited for the experienced tattooer.

     GGS Bugpin needles are produced from #10 ( 0.30mm) 304 stainless stock, the same idea as our regular #12 needles yet thinner individual needles that essentially make a smaller separate dot. This results in incredibly smooth black and grey or smooth colour blends. 

     When using bugpins for liner groupings, you can enjoy exceptionally stable groupings approximately one step down from what you are used to with standard groupings. For example, a bugpin 5 will produce a line similar to a regular tight 3 with less likelihood of blowouts and excess trauma to the skin. You get a crisp, dark, and low trauma line with ease.

     GGS singles are special; rather than the old way of making a single from a standard 3 grouping, we pull one pin further out of the grouping during the soldering process. GGS singles are specifically made from 0.45mm 304 stainless stock. The thicker needle stock keeps the pin very stiff and stable. We grind and polish an extra-long taper to produce those perfect little lines and power shading with no wobble or flex. 

     *All GGS cartridge needles are produced from the same needle heads and specs as our on-bar needles.