Good Biodegradable Clip Chord Sleeves – BNG TATTOO SUPPLY
Good Biodegradable Clip Cord Sleeves - BNG TATTOO SUPPLY

    Good Biodegradable Clip Chord Sleeves


    he Good Biodegradable Barriers: Eco-Friendly and Effective

    At The Good, our biodegradable barriers are crafted from a unified source of PLA (PBAT/starch) and printed with soy-based ink. We're dedicated to sustainability, offering recycled packaging and convenient on-roll products to simplify dispensing.

    For optimal biodegradation, please store these barriers away from direct sunlight and heat. After use, we encourage you to recycle the packaging boxes, contributing to a greener environment.

    In Canada, facilities equipped for industrial composting to meet this standard are limited, and biohazard product restrictions can be a hindrance. As a result, The Good barriers naturally break down in local landfills, causing significantly less environmental impact compared to traditional plastics.

    Remember, even small choices can have a lasting, positive effect on our environment.

    Certified to Meet Standards:

    1. DIN EN13432
    2. ASTM D D6400 Industrial
    3. TUV OK Compostable

    The Good Biodegradable Clip Chord Sleeves:

    • Each order includes 2 rolls with 125 bags per roll (totaling 250 bags).
    • Bag dimensions: 15cm x 25cm (6" x 10")

    The Good bottle bags are easily accommodate most wash bottles and provide effective cross-contamination protection. Moreover, they can serve as a power supply barrier – just use the unprinted side for clear display.

    The Good Bottle Bags are packaging and created from recycled materials, reinforcing  commitment to sustainability.